Plenary Speakers

Ana Deumert Alexandre Duchêne Elizabeth Lanza
Ana Deumert
Multilingual Heritages(s) – Reflections on Voice and Visibility
University of Cape Town
Alexandre Duchêne
Multilingualism, Inc.
University of Fribourg
Elizabeth Lanza
The multilingual child and the family: Input, practices and policies
University of Oslo
Tina Hickey Lisa Lim Jean-Marc Dewaele
Tina Hickey
The times they are a-changin’:  Heritage language acquisition and universal bilingualism
University College Dublin
Lisa Lim
Periphery in the age of reimagining: Vernaculars and vitality in urban multicultural Asia
University of Hong Kong
Jean-Marc Dewaele
How languages and emotions affect the heart and mind of multilinguals
Birbeck University of London